Ufone U-Circle Package

Ufone U Circle Package
Ufone U Circle Package
Ufone U-Circle Package

Ufone U-Circle package provides an easiest way to remain in touch with your friends and family members.  Ufone U-Circle package has made it possible to call friends and family numbers at the lowest of calling rates which can’t be beaten by any other cellular network! Calling rates on Ufone U-Circle package are very much economical.

You can make your own Ufone U-Circle by selecting either Ufone numbers or 4 Ufone numbers & 1 PTCL number. The calling rates are 45 paisas for every 30 seconds.

Procedure for the Activation of U Circle:

U can activate ufone u-circle in 3 ways which are given below:

–          Dial 363 from your ufone number.

–          Send 5 numbers (either 5 ufone numbers or 4 Ufone and 1 PTCL numbers along with prefix) via SMS to 363.

–          Visit the nearest Ufone Service Center/ Franchise.

For Example:

03335100048, 03345670046, 03335870037, 03335504567, 0512657347 and your very own  u-circle numbers will be activated just within 24 hours.

The details of ufone u-circle i.e. friends and family are given below:

–          Numbers which are allowed are 4 ufone numbers and 1PTCL number and the call charges are 45 paisas.

–          30 second billing is applicable.

–          19.5% FED is applied on usage as well as other taxes on recharge or bill.


–          For the one time subscription of the package, Rs. 10+tax will be charged.

–          For the modification of friends and family numbers, Rs. 10+tax will be charged.

–          Call rates on 363 are Rs 0.60 that includes the taxes which will be relapsed back to consumers on successful activity.

–          All of the charges are exclusive of any tax.

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