Ufone U5 Smartphone Sold Out – Becomes Unavailable in Market

Ufone U5 Smartphone Sold Out
Ufone U5 Smartphone Sold Out
Ufone U5 Smartphone Sold Out

3G 4G technology in Pakistan is prevailing too much at extreme. This is the reason why, Ufone innovatively launched its first Ufone U5 smartphone which has not been done by any other telecom operator of Pakistan.

The recently launched smartphone of Ufone with the name tag of Ufone U5 worth Rs 5,999 only is the one and only cheapest smartphone with Quadcore processor. This is the reason why Ufone became a tough competitor for Q-Mobiles which also presents 3G 4G affordable smartphones in Pakistan. Initially, it was reported that vast number of users submitted reviews on Ufone U5 smartphone. As a result, Ufone U5 smartphone is short from the market.

The increased interest and demand of this smartphone made it unavailable in the mobile market in Pakistan. Our readers told us that Ufone U5 is not available in market but later on, we conducted a survey on the availability of Ufone U5 that showed us that it is not available in almost any city of Pakistan.

We contacted Ufone representatives on this situation; they clarified us that, “Due to the excellent response, we are experiencing a demand-supply gap, which will be filled in the coming week, as the smart phone will be available yet again at our customer service centers across the country.”

The complete specifications of the Quadcore ‘Ufone U5 Smartphone’ can be checked at the link below:


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