Ufone UPaisa Wallet Activation Offer – Win 1000 Minutes, SMS & MBs

Ufone UPaisa Wallet Activation Offer

Ufone UPaisa Wallet Activation Offer

Ufone presents Ufone UPaisa Wallet Account Activation Offer that gives free benefits bucket to all customers on activating it. With this amazing offer for Ufone UPaisa Wallet customers, they can get a fully functional Debit Card absolutely free at their doorstep for the transfer of money without any charges. The unbelievable good news is that the activation of Ufone UPaisa Wallet itself is also free of cost i.e. no charges will be deducted from user’s account for its activation.

How to Subscribe:

  • Simple dial *60# from Ufone SIM to activate UPaisa Wallet.
  • After activation, Ufone sends a functional Debit Card to the customers at home that enables free money transfer of Rs. 80,000 per month to any UPaisa Wallet in the country.

Free Benefits Buckets:

The following 4 benefits are being offered via Ufone UPaisa Wallet Activation Offer:

  1. Free Activation of UPaisa Wallet.
  2. Free Bucket.
  3. Free Debit Card Delivery.
  4. Free Money Transfer.

Here, it is worth mentioning here that the Free Bucket includes following free benefits for the customers upon activation of UPaisa Wallet:

  1. Free 1000 minutes to call all Ufone, Vfone and PTCL numbers.
  2. Free 1000 SMS to all networks and numbers in Pakistan.
  3. Free 1000 MBs of 2G/3G mobile internet.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for Ufone prepaid customers only.
  • For Ufone to Ufone, PTCL and PTCL Wireless calls, free minutes are valid.
  • After receiving a confirmation SMS, the validity of free bucket benefits is 24 hours.
  • For both 2G and 3G, 1000s MB internet is valid.
  • Simply *707# for balance inquiry.

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