Ufone Uth OlAround Offer

Ufone Uth OlAround
Ufone Uth OlAround
Ufone Uth OlAround

Ufone Uth package is all about the youngsters of Pakistan. Youngsters are so keen of outing, lunches, dinners etc with their buddies. So Ufone proudly presents Ufone Uth olaround application for the young customers who subscribe Ufone Uth package. Uth olaround is you lovely hand that will provide you with lots of exciting great deals in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Ufone Uth olaround application can be enjoyed if you have a Ufone sim as well as a smart phone. In this way, you will be smart enough to enjoy the big deals that are worthy and which are available in your town. Ufone Uth customers can enjoy mind blowing and amazing discounts. It is made all possible by the joint venture of Ufone, Google and Bramerz.

Ufone Uth customers can easily download Uth olaround application on their smart phones just by visiting www.olaround.me/app . By scanning the QR code which you can see at the display of partner restaurant/ retail outlets, Uth customers can enjoy up to 25% exciting discount in their yummy deals.

So don’t wait and download the olaround application of Ufone Uth package to enjoy the ride full of joy!
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