Ufone Video Messaging Service – Send & Receive Video SMS

Ufone Video Messaging Service Send Receive Video SMS

Ufone Video Messaging Service Send Receive Video SMS

Ufone always brings really innovative services for its prepaid and postpaid customers. This time again, Ufone brings a very demanding service “Ufone Video Messaging Service” for its prepaid as well as postpaid 3G customers. With Ufone Video Messaging Service, all Ufone 3G users can send as well as receive video SMS. Just they need to have video call enabled smartphone along with Ufone 3G bundle subscribed in it. So, send and receive wonderful video SMS with your favorite network of Pakistan, Ufone!!!!

The Head of VAS at Ufone, Syed Sherjeel Bin Hassan, commented on the launch of Ufone video SMS service and said, “In an age of technological progress, Ufone maintains a spirited frame by introducing new products as well as services to its dear customer base. With the competence of video messaging, we will be capable to auxiliary enter into the market and reinforce loyalty. As a result of the standard augmentation of its functional capabilities, the cellular service has turned out to be renowned among both rural in addition to urban customers similarly”.

How to Send Ufone Video SMS:

  • Ufone 3G customers can send video message by making a video call.
  • Simply dial 44 before the desired number that will route the user to a video portal.
  • The video portal has a menu where user can record the video message.
  • The video message can then be sent to the desired number which can be either Ufone or any other local network number of Pakistan.


  • 1+Tax/min will be charged to send Ufone Video Message.


  • Ufone video SMS service is valid for both Ufone prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Both the recipient and the sender should have a video call enabled smartphone.
  • If the sender wants to view the video SMS, then he/she can dial 44 before their own mobile number by making a video call. It can also be dialed to record a video that can be sent in the form of a SMS after the submission of user at the receiving end.
  • If the recipient does not a video call enabled smartphone, an SMS will be sent containing a URL that can shortly be used to view the video message.

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