Use UPaisa Debit Card for daily transactions

UPaisa Debit Card
UPaisa Debit Card
UPaisa Debit Card

Ufone, in collaboration with Ubank, launches UPaisa Debit Card for its customers in all over Pakistan. At ATMs and retail outlets, UPaisa debit card will work.

Now, Ufone customers do not need a bank account after the introduction of UPaisa Debit Card service in Pakistan as they can use their UPaisa debit card for multiple transactions. At petrol pumps, shopping malls, grocery stores and many other places, this debit card by Ufone can be used by Ufone users.

Not only this, with UPaisa debit card, all Ufone customers will be able to enjoy amazing discounts at some of the main brands in Pakistan.

To avail UPaisa debit card, Ufone customers can go to their nearest Ufone Service Centre, franchise, registered UPaisa shop or UBank branch in all over Pakistan.

Minimum Deposit:

Ufone UPaisa Debit Card users can deposit a minimum of Rs. 100.

Card Issuance Charges:

At the time of issuance of card, UPaisa Debit Card users will be charged just Rs. 200.

Balance Inquiry:

For balance inquiry, there will be no charges.

Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) Charges:

Just Rs. 50 + tax will be charged for IBFT.

Cash Withdrawal:

For both 1-Link and M-Net, just Rs. 25 will be charged while withdrawing the cash.

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