Vfone Postpaid Package ONE

Vfone Postpaid Package ONE

PTCL has always taken good care of its customers and now it is doing it further by providing great packages for the people who want to save money and still want to talk to their friends and family. Then the Vfone postpaid package is surely the one for you. In this package, you get to call in three different packages. PTCL has been the finest telecom company with strong mission and vision allowing its users to get all the benefits and privileges of being associated with the finest company in the country.

With the Vfone Postpaid Package One, you can now buy a new connection in just a price of Rs.4,000 and this new bundle will consist of the credit limit of Rs.4,000. The details of the package are as follows:

  • Monthly line rent is Rs.99 per month
  • Vfone to Vfone calling charges are 0.99 per minute
  • Vfone to PTCL landline are 0.99 per minute
  • Vfone to mobile is Rs.1.50 per minute
  • Vfone internet has the charges of Rs2.00 per 15 minutes
  • Sms to all the networks have a charge of Rs. 0.30 per SMS.

Why choose PTCL Vfone Package one

There are countless reasons as to why you shall select Vfone Package and they are as follows:

  • The package is economical and best for the people who are on a budget. It helps you save great amounts of money by offering you such economical rates and tariffs that you would surely love without any doubt.
  • The package allows the best internet rates and it means that you can use the internet in the interval of 15 minutes providing you great facility and feasibility.
  • The SMS rates are even very less and it allows you to send countless messages at such economical rates.
  • The package offers finest convenience to all the users who are willing to talk to their loved ones whenever they want.
  • The exceptional customer quality by PTCL is shown like always as the network and the voice is really clear and it certainly allows you to have a great time while talking to your relatives, friends or family.
  • The customers are the main aim of the company and this is why their every package is designed for this purpose only. It is a great way to tell the people that the company cares for them. No other way it could have been better but with Vfone Postpaid Package one.
  • There are two other packages as well from which you can select and decide.
  • The aim of the company is to let the users et the maximum benefit and added advantage that is not obtained elsewhere.

Therefore, with Vfone Package one, PTCL has once again proved that It really cares of their users.

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