Vfone Postpaid Package


PTCL has been one of the best and the leading telecom company in Pakistan and it has made sure to fulfill all the needs of the people by offering them customized calling rates and packages and providing them all the ease. The international rates, landline calling rates, mobile calling rates and a lot more, all of them have been designed to benefit the users to the fullest and to make them save money every time they use these services. There is no doubt and question about the service and quality of PTCL and one cannot deny that this company works for the betterment for its users. It is in fact the only company that provides the finest services to the people and provides them with the great usage.

The mission of the company is to achieve by doing the following things

  • Making a great organizational environment that provides great levels of professionalism and motivation.
  • Making a cost effective environment
  • Creating services that are dependent on the optimum technology.
  • Time and conscious customer service
  • Managed growth

Now PTCL has come up with Vfone Postpaid in great three new packages and those are named as follows:

  • V -I
  • V-II
  • V-III

In all of the three packages you have services like V to V, V to PSTN V to off net, Internet, SMS, Monthly rent and monthly security deposit.

The highlights of the packages:

  • Vfone by PTCL has Pakistan’s biggest WLL coverageIt is available with the freedom of prepaid and even post paid options
  • Countless free calls on V fone to Vfone and V-Fone to PSTN and countless SMS facility in the V-II and V-II packages at really affordable monthly line rent.
  • PTCL Vfone even supports great speed internet with the technology of CDMA.
  • The facility of SMS to and from every network at great rates
  • Ease of payment via Vfone scratch card
  • Control of credit limit in the customer’s hands
  • Free CLI

The business rules:

  • The pricing will be done as per the prescribed rates offered in every package after the expiry of the free facility.
  • The outgoing facility will even be block on the expiry of the 99.99% of the security.
  • Customer can even pay additional security to avoid the blockage of the outgoing facility that is to improve the credit limit.

Advantages of the package:

  • The connectivity of the package is even outstanding and it is without any interruption and lag. It allows you to talk to your loved one completely and without any issue.
  • The Postpaid provides the users with the ability to save money and have a great time all day long.
  • The different packages provide you the ability to select the package according to your needs.

In short, it is a great offer by the greatest company of Pakistan.

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