Vfone Tariffs


These days, a lot of people are using different services of PTCL. They are using their call packages, broadband internet, Smart TV and so much more. PTCL has been providing the best services for their customers. They have never become a reason of disappointment for any of their customers. This is why the PTCL services are so much popular among different cities these days. There are so many people who have the PTCL Vfone at their homes. They have been using different packages of the PTCL Vfone Tariff for always for making calls, using internet, sending SMS and so much more. PTCL has been facilitating their customers with a num of Vfone Tariffpackages, so that they can enjoy any of the packages of their choice that suits them the most. One of the best thing about the Vfone Tariffis that it offer different packages for the national calls and different for the international ones. This is why most of the people have been using the Vfone Tariffpackages, so that they can make cheap calls anywhere they want, anytime. PTCL Vfone is one of the largest CDMA service providers in Pakistan. The Vfone Tariffprovide their customers the best services with the high quality voice, high speed data and also the SMS services at very reasonable rates. This makes the Vfone Tariff one of the best choices of the people as the users have a choice of selecting any of the packages from prepaid to postpaid.

The PTCL Vfone has re launched its packages. They have introduced the best Vfone Tariffpackages for the users now. The total number of Vfone Tariffpackages offered is 5 these days. Different Vfone Tariff packages offer different rates for the users. The Vfone Tariff packages that are in use by different customers these days are:

Vfone Simple Tariff:

People using this Vfone Tariff package are not charged any line rent for this package. They can make calls from V to V for Rs 1/Min, V to PTCL landline for Rs 1.50/Min and V to off – net calls for Rs 2.50/ Min. With the Simple Vfone Tariff, the users can also use the internet for Rs 2/Min and send SMS as well anywhere for Rs 0.30/Per SMS.

Vfone Smart Tariff:

All the people with the Smart Vfone Tariff are charged Rs 3.50 everyday as the line rent. They can enjoy the V to V calls for Rs 1.30/Min, V to landline for Rs 1.30/Min and V to off – net calls for Rs 1.30/Min as well. The internet and the SMS rates are same as of Simple Vfone Tariff.

Vfone Family Tariff:

With the Family Vfone Tariff, the users can enjoy free V to V calls, V to landline calls for Rs 1.00/Min and V to off – net calls for Rs 2.00/Min. The users with the Family Vfone Tariff are charged Rs 6.99 daily as the line rent of this package.

Vfone Unlimited Tariff:

With the Unlimited Vfone Tariff, the customers can enjoy the free V to V and V to landline calls any time and the V to off – net calls for Rs 2.00/Min. The line rent of Rs 15 is charged everyday for the Unlimited Vfone Tariff.

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