Warid 111-LCR- International Dialing Offer for Prepaid, Postpaid & Glow Customers



Warid brings Warid 111-LCR International Dialing Offer exclusively for all new, existing and MNP Warid prepaid and Glow customers. With this remarkable offer by Warid telecom to minimize the long distances between loved ones living abroad across the globe, the users can make calls to friends and relatives at any time of the day for as low as only 25 paisas per 20 seconds. The best part of this offer is that the lowest charges can be enjoyed without any subscription charges. Check below for details:

How to Subscribe:

  • There is no subscription code as the offer has already been available to all Warid prepaid, postpaid and Glow customers.
  • Simply dial 111 before the desired international number to enjoy the lowest ever internal calling rates of Warid network. (i.e. Dial 111 <country code><city code><number>)

Charges & Destinations Details:

Destinations Rate (Rs./ 20sec)
Canada Landline & Mobile both 0.25
China Landline & Mobile both 0.25
United Kingdom (UK) Landline only 0.25
United States of America (USA) Landline & Mobile both 0.25
Australia Landline only 0.50
Bangladesh Landline only 0.50
Bangladesh Mobile only 0.50
France Landline only 0.50
Germany Landline only 0.50
India Landline only 0.50
India Mobile only 0.50
Italy Landline only 0.50
Spain Landline only 0.50
Sweden Landline only 0.50
France Mobile only 1.50
Germany Mobile only 1.50
Italy Mobile only 1.50
Kuwait Mobile only 1.50
Malaysia Landline only 1.50
Malaysia Mobile only 1.50
Spain Mobile only 1.50
Sweden Mobile only 1.50
United Kingdom (UK) Mobile only 1.50
Australia Mobile only 3.00
Iran Landline only 3.00
Iran Mobile only 3.00
Saudi Arabia Mobile only 3.00
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Landline & Mobile both 4.00
Afghanistan Mobile only 4.50

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer and the discounted international calling rates are valid for the mentioned countries only.
  • This offer is available for all Warid Prepaid, Glow & Postpaid customers.
  • 0.12/call is applied as Call setup charges.
  • Mentioned customers will be charged as per 20 sec pulse.
  • For Kuwait (Landline), Afghanistan (Landline) and Saudi Arabia (Landline), this offer will not be valid.
  • There is not any type of hidden subscription charges applied.
  • Government taxes and levies are excluded from the above mentioned calling rates. A 19.5% federal excise duty is also exclusive from mentioned charges.
  • This offer is available for a limited time only.

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