Warid 4G LTE in Pakistan – Hands-On & Speed Tests

Warid 4G LTE in Pakistan

Warid 4G LTE in Pakistan

SimsPk previously brought the most awaited news that Warid is going to launch free trials of Warid 4G LTE service for postpaid users in 6 major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad.

One of our sources got the fortunate chance to test Warid 4G LTE service in Islamabad. According to the test trial, it was found that the pings, speeds, coverage, and the overall experience of using Warid 4G service are brilliant. It was found much more than the expected one. During the test, Warid 4G LTE speeds were the same throughout Islamabad in the range of 10 to 16 Mbps, while at one location the speed was found at the peak i.e. 22 Mbps. Furthermore, the speed was found at the lowest range of 3 to 6 Mbps at Islamabad Highway (on way to Faizabad), beyond Kashmir Highway (on way to motorway) and farther parts of convention centre (on way to Barakahu). It shows that city center and the entire Islamabad city including all 5 sectors namely F, G, H, I, E are richly covered with Warid 4G service.

The thing that is considered the best in Warid 4G LTE hard-tries by SimsPk, is the consistent speed of Warid 4G network even inside a building or out of any building in open air. May be, it was because Warid is offering the service for free trial and the clear situation can be best witnessed in the commercial launch of Warid 4G LTE or may be Warid is trying to offer the best in Warid 4G internet service in both trial and commercial service.

One thing we also noticed is that Warid said that it will launch free 4G trial service in Rawalpindi but we dint notice any coverage there. Though 4G signals are seen till Commercial Market (Satellite Town) but the speeds are not even more than half Mbps. May be, it will get better with time.

The pings must also be noticed. On PTCL’s Islamabad server, majority of these tests were conducted out. 110ms pings were obtained on PTCL’s Karachi server.

Few screenshots are given below from speed tests of Warid 4G LTE at different locations in Islamabad:

F8 Markaz:

The best speed of Warid 4G was obtained by SimsPk at Ayub Market, F8 Markaz, Islamabad. Further tests were conducted at F9 Park & F8 Markaz towards Centaurus. Check the speed-test screen grabs below:


Speed_Tests_of_Warid_4G_LTE 2

Speed_Tests_of_Warid_4G_LTE 3

Speed_Tests_of_Warid_4G_LTE 4

F-10 Markaz:

From F-10 Markaz, near McDonald, the trial was again done. Screen shots are given below:


F-10_Markaz_Screen_Shots 2

Blue Area Islamabad:

The screenshots for test trial at various locations in Blue Area Islamabad are given below:


Screenshot_of_Blue_Area_Islamabad 2

Screenshot_of_Blue_Area_Islamabad 3

Image Credit Goes to ProPakistani.

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