Warid Asks Customers to Upgrade Their SIMs for 4G LTE Trials

Warids 4G LTE trials

Warids 4G LTE trials

Warid has apparently come up to its customers who will be offered a golden opportunity very soon to experience Warid’s 4G LTE trials.

According to Warid telecom Pakistan, those Warid customers who were presently using 4G enabled mobile phones were approached so that their current SIM cards are upgraded to compatible 4G LTE SIMs prior to the official launch of Warid 4G LTE trials. Warid customers will be shipped with new upgraded Warid 4G LTE SIMs at their doorsteps before the expected 4G LTE launch of Warid.

During Warid 4g trails, Warid customers who are using 4G enabled handsets will be provided with Warid’s 4G network. It is expected that during the trial duration, Warid will be offering free 4G LTE services.

It is not clear yet that weather Warid is going to start offer free 4G LTE trial services or not. It appears that as Warid is now in process of upgrading SIM cards of Warid customers, Warid 4G LTE service is going to be launched soon. As we have already disclosed in our previous article that Warid will launch $G LTE services in September 2014.

Warid’s call centre had approached various its customers for early Warid 4G trails. These Warid customers were told after affirmation that they will be receiving new Warid 4G LTE SIMs with which they will be able to be the part of Warid free 4G trials as well as to use Warid 4G LTE services after the official launch (as confirmed by many simspk readers).

Currently, ward is also working in aggressive manner in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala and Faisalabad on the deployment of 4G LTE network of Warid. Warid has also contracted with Ericsson for rolling out ward LTE network.

It is also important to mention here that Warid customers will need to upgrade their SIMs to use 4G LTE services as 4G SIM cards are dissimilar than the existing usual Warid 2G-3G SIMs. Furthermore, Warid customers should also have 4G enabled handsets as well if they want to experience 4G LTE services. More likely, Warid customers will be able to enjoy 50Mbps of upload / download speeds on their mobile phones and Warid 4G network.

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