Warid Becomes 1st Operator To Offer International LTE Roaming

Warid 4G LTE Roaming

Warid 4G LTE Roaming

Warid becomes the first ever telecom operator in Pakistan to offer international LTE roaming for its customers at reasonably low rates. Yes, that’s true! Warid Offers International 4G LTE Roaming Service for all customers at very low prices. It is worth mentioning that currently, no other telecom company in Pakistan is offering such an innovative service to its customer.

On the official website of Warid Telecom, a notification is posted that all customers can now enjoy the blazing speed of LTE while roaming abroad starting from immediately. Syniverse is a renowned and Warid best global IPX provider that collaborated with Warid for this service. Currently, the service is available for customers visiting UK only, starting with Vodafone, UK. Very soon, the service will be available for rest of the countries, says Warid. Check below for details of this offer:

How To Activate:

  • Warid customers can activate Warid International LTE roaming service simply by calling 321 from their mobile phones.
  • Customers can also visit nearest Warid’s business center for the activation of this service.
  • Before activation of this service, the regular International roaming service must also be activated on the customer’s handset.


  • Currently, the service will only be available while roaming in UK.


  • Vodafone is the operator for this service.


  • The charges for using this service are 13 USD per MB usage.

Terms & Conditions:

  • on customer number, the regular IR service must be activated for using this service.
  • Warid customer must have a Warid 4G LTE SIM card. You can easily order your Warid LTE SIM online. For ordering online, click here.
  • Warid customer must have a 4G LTE compatible Handset.
  • Warid customer must be availing Warid LTE services within Pakistan.
  • The current International Roaming (IR) security deposit limit will be used for LTE Roaming. It means that the customer is not required to deposit extra security.

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