Warid brings 3G Roaming Service for Postpaid Customers

Warid 3G Roaming

Warid 3G Roaming

3G fever is in season and at its peak in Pakistan. Warid telecom network also contributes its part in the 3g world of Pakistan by presenting 3G roaming services for Warid postpaid customers. If you are a Warid postpaid customer and roaming then Warid gives you opportunity to use Warid 3G service for fastest internet usage. With 55 cellular operators in 42 countries of the globe, Warid has contracted to let its postpaid users to use Warid 3G service and internet on Warid postpaid sim.

In the 3G, 4G auctions of Pakistan, Warid had not participated. About the surprised launch of Warid 4G services, there were speculations. Still, Warid have not introduced next generation 3g mobile internet technology. . It is now expected that Warid might launch its 3g and 4g services in Pakistan on 14th of August, it seems that with Warid 3g service for postpaid customers offer is trying to have a grip on Warid customers to keep them in touch with their favorite network for the use of 3g services as well.

List of specific operators and Countries offering 3G Roaming Services to Warid Telecom outbound roamers:

Country Name Operator Network Code Charges/KB (Dollars)
Afghanistan MTN 412-40 0.01
Germany Vodafone D2 262-02 0.037
Canada Bell Mobility 302-61 0.013
Hong Kong Hutchison 454-04 0.018
Kuwait KTC 419-04 0.024
Saudi Arabia Zain 420-04 0.02
Thailand AWN 520-0 0.0007
UAE Etisalat 424-02 0.015
UK Hutchison 234-20 0.02
USA T-Mobile 310-260 0.019

How To Activate:

–          Subscription is not required.
–          All Warid Postpaid roamers can avail this service by default.
–          This offer is valid only for Warid postpaid customers who are roaming.


–          Regular Data charges are applied.

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