Warid Ghanta Offer

Warid Ghanta Offer
Warid Ghanta Offer
Warid Ghanta Offer

Warid Ghanta Offer is specially made for those warid prepaid customers who are so much fond of talking that they never feel tired of lengthy calls. So now Warid Ghanta Offer is here which provides extremely low calling rates on hourly basis.

Further details of the call charges on Warid Ghanta Offer are given below. So don’t wait and just subscribe to this exciting offer today! Tariff details are given here:

–          For the activation of Warid Ghanta Offer, simply send sms “Gh” to 3333

–          By subscribing to this offer, warid subscribers can call any of the warid number in any region of Pakistan absolutely for just Rs. 2.99 + tax on hourly basis at any time i.e. 24 hours a day except 12am to 6pm.

–          Daily rental charges of this offer are just Rs. 2 + tax

–          This offer is only available for all of the Warid Prepaid Minute Package as well as ZEM customers. This include (Minute Package, ZEM 30LCR, ZEM 60, ZEM 30 & ZEM 01).

–          As per the package plan, warid customer sill pay rates of off-net and on-net calls from 6pm to 12am.

–          Short code charges of sending sms on 3333 are absolutely free.

–          For the de-activation of Warid Ghanta Offer, simply send sms “Ghanta <space> off” to 3333

Terms and conditions:

There are certain terms and conditions for the subscription of Warid Ghanta Offer which are mentioned below:

–          Warid Ghanta Offer is available only for those calls which are made from warid to warid network.

–          Warid Ghanta Offer is available only for a limited time period.

–          Warid Ghanta Offer is available for warid prepaid customers only.

–          Warid Ghanta Offer will be automatically un-subscribed in case of rental failure.

–          All of the charges mentioned above are inclusive of taxes plus levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.

–          Each recharge which is done through scratch cards as well as Warid Ezeeload is inclusive of 10% withholding tax.

–          Terms and conditions are applied.

–          Using a SIM which is not registered on your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

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