Warid Introduces Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2

Warid Introduces Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2

Warid Introduces Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2

Warid presents a brand new offer for its subscribers named by ‘Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle 2’. It is much bigger than the previous one and brings lots of fun for its subscribers. With this amazing offer, Warid users can win lots of prizes including:

–          Toyota Corolla XLI, every month through a lucky draw.
–          Top prize of Rs. 1,000,000 for the top scorer of campaign.
–          Rs. 100,000 every week through a lucky draw.
–          Rs. 50,000 every day for the top scorer.


You just need to reply on 3000 and get:

–          5 on-net SMS.
–          10 wallpapers or ringtones.
–          10 lucky draw entries.

These lucky draw entries would subscribe your name for the lucky draw of Toyota Corolla XLI as well as Rs. 100,000 every week. Not only this, you can also participate inWarid Maal Dhamaal Quiz. It will grant you 10 points on every correct answer you give in the quiz. Give the most correct answers in the Maal Dhamaal Quiz to win the Top prize of Rs. 1,000,000. By giving correct answers, you can earn higher points in winning the prizes during the Bonus phase.

You can Visit http://maaldhamaal.waridtel.com from your handset to download the wallpapers and ringtones that you purchase.

How to activate:

–          Reply to 3000
–          Dial 3001 for terms and conditions.
–          Simply send SMS ‘Help’ on 3001 for any further information.

Campaign duration:

–          Warid Maal Dhamaal Bundle is a campaign of 100 days i.e. from 28th April 2014 to 5th August 2014.


–          Maal Dhamaal Bundle is available for only Rs.9.99 + tax.
–          Rs. 10 + tax will be charged for sending SMS to 3000.
–          Sending SMS to 3001 is absolutely free.
–          Call on IVR3001 is absolutely free.
–          Standard GPRS charges are applied to download the wallpapers and ringtones through http://maaldhamaal.waridtel.com .

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