Warid Introduces My Warid App – A Useful Smartphone Application

Warid Introduces My Warid App

Warid Introduces My Warid App

Warid launches its official and innovative mobile phone application “My Warid App”. With the increased usage of smartphone apps, Warid has also decided to bring its official application for its 2G, 3G and 4G LTE users. The best thing about My Warid App is that it is compatible with both Android as well as iOS platform. Not only this, My Warid App is absolutely free of cost.

So download My Warid App today to manage your services, bundles, packages and all other account details just by touching your smartphone display. Install the app in your smartphone and go for a drive to alter your call, SMS, internet bundles or packages easily.

Android users can avail My Warid App from now on while iOS users will be able to use Warid application from 5th November, 2014.

My Warid App Review:

My Warid App is comprised of 3 main sections in which further categories have been designed for convenience to use. Here is the brief review of My Warid App by SimsPk:

  • 1. Self-Care Section:

Simspk downloaded the app and found that the app is quite comprehensive in its categories and sections. The 1st section is “Self-Care”. It has many categories.

  • The 1st category is “Account Info” which gives you the complete details of your account, current internet package, current SMS package and current plan.
  • The 2nd category is “FnF” which gives the details of your FnF numbers.
  • The 3rd category is “Balance Info” which gives the complete details of data limits as well as remaining credit in your account. Plus, this category also enables you to recharge your account if you have a card.

Self-Care section is illustrated in the following screenshot:

My Warid App Review

  • 2. Packages And Services Section:

The 2nd section is “Packages and Services”. It has much useful info for all Warid subscribers regarding their Warid packages and services.

  • It gives info of all available call, SMS and internet packages of Warid.
  • It also has VAS category which enables you to subscribe to different Warid VAS services including sports alerts, breaking news, caller tunes, balance transfer, and a lot of additional portals.

Packages and Services section is illustrated in the following screenshot:

Warid Packages And Services Section

  • 3. What’s New Section:

The 3rd section added in My Warid App is “What’s New” which contains all the brand new services and add ons by Warid for e.g. My guide, missed call alert and much more. The best part is that all these services are demonstrated with their complete details.

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