Warid My Guide – Get Location Details Of Anyone or Anything

Warid My Guide - Get Location Details Of Anyone or Anything

Warid My Guide - Get Location Details Of Anyone or Anything

Warid Telecom announces “My Guide” for all Warid prepaid and postpaid customers. Warid My Guide Service helps you to locate a lost friend or family member in a big crowd. This service also provides you the details of the direction of any location when you have nobody to direct you towards the desired place. So track any Warid friend or family member or get the direction to your location by the help of Warid My Guide service.


Warid My Guide Service helps you in the following regards:

  1. Can provide you the details of your current location.
  2. Can give you important attractions and directions around you.
  3. Can give you the details of location of your friend and family members.

1.      How To Find Friend’s Or Family’s Location:

  • Simply type SMS ‘Find <space> recipients number’ e.g. ‘Find 92321444xxxx’ and send it to 8448 in order to request the location of any Warid subscriber.
  • Any Warid customer can make the request to track the location of any other Warid user. Only if the recipient grants consent to initiator to track him/her, location will be returned to the initiator.
  • the following options will be offered to the recipient of consent request to choose from whenever someone tries to track them:
  • Yes, Just this time. Allow the initiator to track only the current location of recipient just once.
  • Deny the initiator from tracking the location of recipient.
  • Always Grant. A permanent consent to the initiator to track the recipient anytime without seeking their consent each and every time separately.
  • Warid subscriber can send SMS ‘No d<space> Initiator’s number’ to 8448 to revoke this permanent consent.

2.      How to Find Your Own Location:

  • You can also find your own location when you are lost in a crowd or unknown place. Know your current location with this feature of Warid My Guide apart from searching someone else location.
  • Simply type SMS ‘Find Me’ or ‘Find your own number’ e.g. Find 92321444xxxx and send it to 8448 to get your own current location.

3.      How To Find Any Desired Place/Location:

  • Warid My Guide also guides you to locate attraction spots, places of interest, businesses and any other important place that you want to know like restaurants, boutiques, banks, tourist spots etc that are located near you.
  • Simply send SMS ‘Near’ or ‘Place’ to 8448 and get a list of categories to choose from.
  • Choose any favorable category and will receive a list of places of your selected category within a range of 2 kilometers around you.


  • 3+tax will be charged for using Warid My Guide Service.

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