Zong 3G Packages – Prepaid and Postpaid

Zong_3g_PackagesZong Pakistan announces Zong 3G packages for prepaid and postpaid commercial. With the commercial launch of Zong prepaid and postpaid 3G packages, life is going to be much easier, we bet you!!!

Zong has at last released its 3G internet packages commercially in a prestigious ceremony held freshly at Zong’s headquarters in Islamabad. Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) & Zong’s top administration and further vital PTA members were also there in the ceremony.

To give flexibility and freedom, prepaid 3G packages from Zong come with diverse variety. Zong introduces “Zong 3G Packages (Prepaid Tariff Plans)” launches its 3G services commercially in Pakistan. Once, mobile phone was used just for telecommunication. Now it is a whole world after Zong introduces 3G technology. 3G technology by Zong can bring the possibilities supersonic for all Zong customers. From 30th may 2014, standard charges are applied on using Zong 3G services in Pakistan.

Zong Super 3G presents unbelievable and affordable 3G rates for its valued customers. We have a wide range of Zong 3G packages for prepaid customers on behalf of type and price. So, Zong prepaid customer can choose such a Zong prepaid 3G package bundle that perfectly matches to his need and budget. Zong 3G has the fastest internet speed that can solve every hurdle in the fast growing world.

Zong 3g Tariff Plans:

Let’s have a look on Zong 3G prepaid packages for the method of subscription and further details.

Four Zong 3G prepaid packages are available having different further sub-classified bundles on the basis of speed. You can choose any of them.

  1. Zong Daily 3G Internet Package
  2. Zong Weekly 3G Internet Package
  3. Zong Monthly 3G Internet Package

The details of Zong 3g packages and their further bundles are tabled as under, one by one:

Type Package Price Volume Validity SMS Activation
Daily Daily Mini Rs.4 4 MB 1 day SMS ‘mini’ to 6464
Daily Basic Rs. 10 30 MB 1 day SMS ‘db’ to 6464
Daily Premium Rs.20 80 MB 1 day SMS ‘dp’ to 6464
Weekly Weekly Premium Rs.70 280 MB 7 days SMS ‘weekly’ to 6464
Monthly Monthly Mini – 150 MB Rs.50 150 MB 30 days SMS ‘m150mb’ to 6464
Monthly Basic – 500 MB Rs. 150 500 MB 30 days SMS ‘m500mb’ to 6464
Monthly Premium – 1GB Rs.250 1 GB 30 days SMS ‘m1gb’ to 6464
Monthly Premium – 2GB Rs.350 2 GB 30 days SMS ‘m2gb’ to 6464
Monthly Premium – 4GB Rs.650 4 GB 30 days SMS ‘m4gb’ to 6464

How to Activate:

You can simply dial *6464# for tariff activation menu of Zong 3G internet packages or visit www.zongsuper3G.com

How To Check Data Usage:

Simply Dial *102# to check the details of data usage of Zong 3g bundles and packages.

Zong 3g Add Ons:

Zong also introduces 3G Add Ons for its valued customers. Once a user reaches the volume capacity of his data bundle, these Zong 3g Add Ons are pushed. The validity of Add Ons will be the same as that of the validity of the basic Zong 3g package.
If a user does not purchase any Add On after reaching the volume capacity of his data bundle, then instead of Default rate of Rs.10 / MB, he / she will be charged an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1 / MB for customer delight. This Out-Of-Bundle rate has a validity period similar as that of the validity of base Zong 3g package.
The details of Zong 3g Add Ons are tabled as under:

Add On Price Volume Additional Volume (FREE) Activation As per the validity of the data package
Basic Add On Rs.10 30 MB 10 MB SMS ‘ba’ to 6464
Premium Add On Rs.20 80 MB 10 MB SMS ‘pa’ 6464

Zong 3G Basic Rate (Out Of Bundle Rate)

When a user has not subscribed to any Zong 3g bundle, default rate of Rs.10 / MB will be charged as out of bundle or basic or default Zong 3g rate. subscribers would be down-throttled to 256 kbps After 1 MB of consumption (for every data session) to keep him / her safe from consuming extra data at 3G speeds and receiving a bill shock. Furthermore, the Existing 2G mobile internet settings will work for Zong 3G.

Zong 3G Speed:

Zong does not have any speed limit. On the basis of your distance from the tower and number of users connected to that particular tower, Zong 3G internet speed depends. Up to 42-Mbps is the maximum speed that you can get.

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