Zong 4G is launching officially in Pakistan this month

Zong 4G Coming Soon
Zong 4G Coming Soon
Zong 4G Coming Soon

In the electronic spectrum of 3g and 4g license distribution in Pakistan, Zong won 2×10 MHz license for 3G service from 2100 MHz band. Zong is currently presenting the un-match able Zong 3G service with the cheapest 3g rates in Pakistan. From 1800 MHz band, Zong won the first ever 4G license in Pakistan which is not won by any other telecom distributor of Pakistan. After winning the auction for 3g as well as 4g, Zong has introduced Zong 3G prepaid and postpaid packages that are available at simspk.

It is expected that this month, Zong new 4G Sims connections will be on hand in the telecom market. It will be the 1st inclination of management of Zong to offer 4G services to its existing Zong customers. Up till now, the executives of Zong have not taken some utter decision with reference to Zong 4G internet packages or bundles.

According to the resources of simspk, t is confirmed that Zong is going to launch Zong 4G services in Pakistan most probably on 27th September, 2014 i.e. coming Saturday. In next few days, Zong will launch its 4G services, officially. So enjoy this Eid with Zong 4G which will be the fastest next generation technology in Pakistan!

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