Zong Brings New Double Volume Bundles for Internet-Only SIMs

Zong Double Volume Internet Sims

Zong Double Volume Internet Sims

Zong launches new double volume internet bundles exclusively for Zong Internet Only SIMs. Zong Data SIM only provides data services but does not allow to make calls and SMS on any network. Zong internet only SIMs are the best to give you 3G/4G LTE network on all smart devices e.g. tablets, smartphones, iPads, WiFis and Wingles etc. newly announced MBB double the volume internet bundles on Zong data SIM range from 4GB to 100GB at fixed monthly charges. The fastest Zong 4G Internet SIM is equipped with modernized features, therefore it can be utilized in various security systems that are used privately as well as commercially for protection reason. It is worth mentioning here that Double the volume offer is valid till 29th February, 2016.

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Zong, Mr. Babar Bajwa, shared his views on the launch of new fastest 4G enabled Data SIM and said,

The Zong subscribers will have a perfect chance to make finest of the internet services, that too powered by 4G, using the fastest 4G Internet SIM. We are the single mobile network that offer high-powered 3G, 4G services at the same time and not at all let down our valuable consumers. Zong is best of the best and we have proved it once over again by launching the fastest internet SIM in Pakistan’s telecom history.

Zong Internet Only SIM Bundle Details:

The subscribers of Zong data SIM can avail following internet bundles with double volume feature. The details are tabled below:

New Zong Internet SIM Bundles Portfolio
Volume (GB) Price (Rs.) Double Volume
Monthly 4GB 500 N/A
Monthly 10 GB 1,000 N/A
Monthly 24 GB 1,500 N/A
Monthly 50 GB 2,000 N/A
Monthly 100 GB 3,800 200 GB
3 months 4GB/Month 1,300 8GB/Month
3 months 24GB/Month 4,000 48GB/Month
*Monthly GNO (1GB/Day) 1-9 am (Add-on) 200 N/A

*All prices are inclusive of tax

How to Subscribe Internet SIM Bundles:

  • Simply dial *6666# to subscribe to Zong Internet SIM Bundles and GNO add-on.
  • You can also visit any nearest Zong CSC, Franchise or Retailer for the subscription of Zong data SIM bundles.

Good Night Offer (GNO) Add-On Details:

  • Good Night Offer (GNO) can only be availed, if the Zong user is subscribed to any of the above mentioned internet bundle. If the customer is not using any of the bundles, Zong Good Night Offer cannot be subscribed.
  • The resources for GNO are 1GB internet usage per night for every night.
  • The time window to avail GNO resources is from 1AM to 9AM. Customer’s original bundle is not utilized during the mentioned time duration.
  • The original bundles’ resources will be utilized after 1GB resources is exhausted within the same night.
  • As the remaining days of the original bundle, the validity of GNO will be the same.

You can also purchase a new Zong prepaid SIM to avail Zong New SIM Offer 2016 which is giving its customers “Poora Balance”. Stay connected with SimsPK for latest updates!

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