Zong Enhances Customer Data Protection Via Symantec Software Solutions

Zong Enhances Customer Data Protection Via Symantec Software Solutions

Zong Enhances Customer Data Protection Via Symantec Software Solutions

Zong announces that it has selected Symantec Netbackup Appliances and Software solution for the enhancement of customers’ data protection and security. Zong is the largest telecom operator of Pakistan and that is why, it was searching for a unified, robust as well as scalable solution so as to deal with data expansion challenges as well as to get rigid RTO and RPOs at the same time.

Zong is the only operator of Pakistan which is offering 4G network and services. Zong has also been pioneering the evolution to modern technological services. Zong has a large volume of business information i.e. of more than 100 terabytes all across 200+ servers over 3 data centers. The Press Summary by different officials from both organizations is submitted below so readers can get full details of this venture.

The Chief Information Officer at Zong, Mr. Niaz A Malik, said, “For the last few years, we have grown our subscriber base at an incredibly elevated and steady rate per annum. In IT, we lend a hand to facilitate and hold up this growth by providing a stable base of competence and accessibility. This helps the industry to raise and maintain our subscribers’ base. Our dream is to turn out to be a vital digital life partner of our customers and we require planned partners like Symantec to make certain the firmness of our products as well as services.”

The Director of Information Technology at Zong, Mr. Ali Waqas, commented on this announcement and said, “Following our policy to augment our operational effectiveness, we are aiming to become one of the chief telecom service provider to put forward the most excellent IT solutions to improve every customer’s experience. As the data torrent fashion continues to bang the world, the exploitation of such highly developed backup solution will additional prop up our guarantee to defend and administer significant business information.”

The Director of Information Technology at Zong, Mr. Muhammad Abdul Wajid, also mentioned, “We are facing exponential data enlargement, therefore, decided to make use of NetBackup Data Protection Optimization to preserve storage space by de-duplicating backup data. We’ll promote from faster backups and replication, as well as cheap backup storage costs.” This statement ensures that Zong will considerably reduce the administration time spent for the management of enterprise backup by using Symantec’s solutions, relocating expensive human resource hours to gather supplementary needs of the business.

The Territory Manager Pakistan at Symantec, Wasim Iqbal, also shared his views and said, “Zong has been at the vanguard of how the telecom industry can make the most of leading edge IT technologies. Symantec is one component of this idea. Netbackup delivers responsive and scalable data recovery tools, which will facilitate Zong to optimize business operations for improved productivity. Information Protection and Security has been the pinnacle outline of CIO’s across the world and Pakistan’s Telecom industry is no omission. Symantec’s suite of comprehensive solutions allows businesses, such as Zong, to run & make safe information, and stay one step forward of industry in customer’s data protection in addition to security. We are pleased to work with such a prominent organization.”

The Symantec Portfolio Consultant, Abdul Samad, stated, “Netbackup software as well as Symantec purpose built backup appliances (PBBA) is recognized as the market head in enterprise backup and recovery market, and will facilitate Zong to guard the large data bases and multifaceted data center applications. It moreover delivers advance capabilities for virtualized systems that go well further than what conventional backup practices can attain.”

The CEO of Teamsun Technology, Mr. Tony Ye, said, “Teamsun Technology, in collaboration with Symantec’s professional services team, is a foremost system integrator in Pakistan that will give all solutions regarding customer data security and backups. Zong used Symantec NetBackup software for years to back up data to tape. The solution did perform well but we wanted to enable faster backups and restores. Symantec’s Appliance based backup solution is a factual one-window solution across data protection industry.”

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