Zong Fast 50 offer: More you call, bigger the discount

Zong Fast 50 offer: More you call, bigger the discount

Zong Fast 50 offer: More you call, bigger the discount

Zong introduces an exciting package plan for its customers with the mane, Zong Fast 50 offer. Zong has already presented many packages that proved very much helpful for Zong customers in making lengthy calls with bigger discounts. Zong fast 50 package is an addition in that list. It is based on a simple rule that “More you call, bigger the discount”. The whole tariff plan is based on this logic. It is simply fabulous! It means that as compare to earlier, if you call more on any network or number of Pakistan, your discount package will automatically get increased. Such an offer is only introduced by Zong yet. So, it is predictable that it is going to give solid competition to its competitors in the telecom industry of Pakistan.

How To Subscribe Zong Fast 50 Offer:

–          For subscription, simply dial *904# or send sms ‘sub’ to 904
–          For un-subscription, send sms ‘unsub’ to 904
–          Rs 15/migration is applied as the standard migration charges.

Tariff Details Of Zong Fast 50 Offer:

The tariff rates of Zong fast 50 package in which each set of minutes is given are mentioned below:

Minutes Consumed Tariff (in Rs.)
1-50 0.80
51-100 0.75
101-150 0.70
151-200 0.65
201-250 0.60
251-300 0.55
301+ 0.50

–          All charges are on per 30 second basis.
–          All charges are without tax.

Details Of Zong Fast 50 Offer:

Zong fast 50 package is very simple. The more the minutes are consumed, the lesser will be the calling rates and the more will be the discount rates. The subscribers just need to make calls on any network of Pakistan. Calls should be equivalent to the worth of 50 minutes. In this way, discount will be granted on the calling rates. After meeting this criterion, the next call will be charged according to the discount rates plan. The subscriber of Zong fast 50 offer will get the details of discounted rates via sms by Zong telecom.

After 1 hour of conversion to the criteria of Zong Fast 50 offer, you can enjoy discount calling rates. Discount has a validity of 30 days. After 1 month, counter will be reset. So, subscribers have to repeat the cycle of calling to avail the discount rates via same procedure. All the on-net, off-net and IDD calls made are included in fast 50 offer by Zong. Furthermore, Zong fast 50 package is only available for Zong prepaid customers. Postpaid customers can’t make the use of it.

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