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By February 2, 2015

Zong introduces Online Activation Shop for 3G, 4G

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Zong introduces Online Activation Shop for 3G, 4G

Zong recently launched an Online Activation Shop on its official website with which Zong customers can select any of the desired packages for activation instantly. This initiative is the bright proof of Zong’s dedication to provide 3G, 4G and hybrid bundles by Zong to its customers easily and instantly without any delay.

Packages Offered At Zong Online Activation Shop:

The online activation shop by Zong at the official website offer three types of packages for instant and safe activation:

  1. Zong 3G bundles (daily, weekly, monthly, social)
  2. Zong 3G/4G Bundles (Monthly)
  3. Zong Hybrid Bundles (for youth, professionals and high-end /home users)

How to Activate:

  • Enter your number against a particular package that you want to subscribe.
  • A confirmation SMS by Zong will be sent to your number.
  • Reply to that SMS by typing Y for confirmation.
  • The desired package will be activated within 2 hours.

Customer Eligibility Criteria:

  • Currently, this offer is available for Zong prepaid customers only.
  • Very soon i.e. within a month, Zong online Activation shop will also be opened for Zong Postpaid and MNP subscribers.

Zong Online Activation Shop Address:

Zong customers can visit the Zong Online Activation Shop by clicking the following URL:

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