Zong Introduces Zong Leaf – A Web & Mobile Portal for Kids

Zong Leaf Fun for Kids

Zong Leaf Education for Kids

Zong Leaf Fun for Kids

Zong introduces a mobile as well as web portal for kids and children, named as “Zong Leaf”. It is meant to provide Zong kids with learning skills as well as entertainment and fun activities. Zong leaf is abbreviated as “Learning, Education and Fun” by the company. Previously we saw that Mobilink launched Toffee TV for Kids.

Categories of Zong Leaf:

Zong leaf for kids has different categories containing wide range of high-quality videos and audios on the given below topics:

  1. Science Crew
  2. Danny and Daddy
  3. Multipedia
  4. Holly and Dolly Series
  5. classic cartoons
  6. Toffee TV
  7. Ploop TV
  8. Akbar Birbal
  9. Children Songs
  10. Damodar Shastri
  11. Moral Stories
  12. Nursery Rhymes
  13. Panchatantra stories
  14. Play & Learn
  15. Shaktiman
  16. Achi Batain
  17. General knowledge
  18. Islamic
  19. Kids Jokes
  20. Nursery Rhymes Audio
  21. Stories
  22. Bubble


Zong leaf is broadly classified into 2 sections namely:

  1. Zong Leaf Fun
  2. Zong Leaf Education

How to Get Access:

  • The user should have Zong connection with Zong mobile internet data facility.
  • Simply open http://leaf.zong.com.pk with Zong mobile internet with browser on mobile phone.


  • Wide-range high-quality HD videos are available in Zong fun world platform.
  • These can only be accessed if you have Zong internet connection.
  • Currently, all content is free for a limited time offer as per Zong.

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