Zong Launches 8Attack Scheme For Free Internet

Zong Launches 8Attack Scheme For Free Internet

Zong Launches 8Attack Scheme For Free Internet

Zong comes up with a band new scheme under Zong Youth Brand Circle, known as “Zong 8 Attack Scheme”. With Zong 8 attack scheme offer, Zong customers can get the chance to use internet for the entire day. You might already have watched an interesting TV campaign by Zong which sounds like ‘Heart Attack’ rather than ‘8Attack’ which is actually ‘aath (8 in Urdu) attack’.

How to Activate:

  • Simply become the part of the Zong Circle Club by dialing *456# from your Zong connection to avail this offer.
  • After becoming a member, consume a balance of Rs.8 only.
  • The next day of balance consumption, Zong user will be provided with free Zong 3G mobile internet for the whole day without any charges.

Offer Details:

  • Spend Rs. 8 credit from the Zong circle SIM to avail Zong 8Attack offer that can give you free bonus of Zong super 3G internet for the entire next day.
  • The limit of the free internet is not mentioned by the company.
  • A fair usage policy is although applied on Zong 8Attack scheme offer.

Features of Zong Circle Club:

  • The members of Zong circle club can call each other for Rs. 0.90 + tax per hour and also send unlimited SMS.
  • The daily charges of Rs. 2 + tax per day will be deducted.
  • If you want to check whether your friend is a member of Zong circle club or not, simply send his/her number to 4567 absolutely free of charges:

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