Zong Launches Zong M811, A Zong 4G Smartphone

Zong Launches Zong M811 A Zong 4G Smartphone
Zong Launches Zong M811 A Zong 4G Smartphone
Zong Launches Zong M811, A Zong 4G Smartphone

Zong has recently launched Zong 4G LTE service in Pakistan. Although, now Pakistan is fertile with the next-generation fastest and latest broadband 4G technology but yet, the prices of 4G mobile phones available in Pakistan are reaching to the sky. To tackle this problem, Zong introduces the number 1 and affordable 4G smartphone of Pakistan by Zong, named as “Zong M811”.

In China & Hongkong, China mobile which is the parent group of Zong also launched the same handset as that of Zong M811 at a price tag of 999 Yuan (equivalent to Rs. 16,800). The Zong 4G smartphone will soon be available at all Zong service centers of Pakistan for just Rs 21,900. The price of Zong M811 is a bit more as compare to the China mobile brand. Very soon, Zong will also reveal the Zong 4G Bundles as well as the details for further payment plans (such as installments).

It is also worth mentioning here that the variant of Zong M811 i.e. available in Hongkong and China by China Mobiles is dual-sim 4G mobile phone. Zong M811 in Pakistan is a single sim handset as of course, Zong will not want its subscribers to put any other network’s sim for use. It is also expected that in near future, Zong will also bring further affordable and cheaper 4G smartphone in the conventional high end and expensive era of 4G market in Pakistan.

Features And Specifications Of Zong M811:

–          Processor: Qualcomm Quad-Core 1.2 GHz
–          RAM: 1 GB
–          Internal Memory: 4 GB
–          OS: Android Jelly Bean or Android 4.3
–          Display: 5” IPS display
–          Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
–          Design: Angular design, Curvy corners, Thin body (8.95mm), Less weight (133 grams)
–          Camera: 8MP with BSI shooter & f2.2 aperture (rear) & 1.2MP (Front)
–          Memory: 4GB
–          Battery: 2500 mAH (14-18 hours usage)
–          Connectivity: 5 network modes (including 2G, 3G and 4G) and 10 frequencies
–          Compatibility: Almost all GSM networks of the world
–          SIM: Single sim

Price Of Zong M811:

–          Price Tag: Rs. 21,900

More Zong M811 4G Smartphone Images:

Zong Launches Zong M811 Zong 4G Smartphone 3

Zong M811 4G Smartphone 2

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