Zong MBB Devices NOW Available at all TCS Express Centers Nationwide

Zong MBB Devices at TCS

Zong MBB Devices at TCS

Zong partnerships TCS (Tranzum Companies & Services) to make available the most wanted Zong Mobile Broadband (MBB) devices at all TCS Express Centers in far and wide regions of Pakistan.

The Deputy CEO at Zong, Mr. Niaz A Malik, commented on this development and said,

The partnership between Pakistan’s principal telecom company and top courier service would give big results to best assist millions of Zong users across Pakistan. The faith and trust millions of Zong users have always deposed on us has encouraged us to keep kicking off new endeavor for the most excellent facilitation of our valued subscribers. Zong is the major and the solitary 3G and 4G services provider in Pakistan. Our MBB services bring the users the fastest internet speed on their smartphones, laptops, tablets and even on personal computers. Our teamwork with TCS would go an extensive way in best serving the interests of Zong users with the instantaneous accessibility of their desired MBB devices at TCS outlets and that too at significantly reduced prices.

How to Purchase:

  • This partnership will surely help all Zong customers in Pakistan to purchase Zong MBB 3G/4G Wingles, 3G Dongle and 3G MiFi Devices as well as Zong 4G Fiber Home Device easily at selected TCS express centers.
  • Just visit any TCS Express Centers in Pakistan to purchase Zong Mobile Broadband (MBB) devices at very reasonable and discounted rates.
  • To obtain Zong MBB device at home, Zong customers can also contact the TCS helpline at any time of the day.

The CEO at TCS Private Limited, Mr. Salman Akram, also welcomed the partnership agreement and expressed his feelings,

TCS continues to offer better services for its customers. As Pakistan’s leading logistics provider, we are always in the forefront and proudly take the lead in meeting our customers’ priorities. I am certain that as a consequence of the union between TCS and Zong, more people will be encouraged to take benefit of the Zong offer and become even more internet-savvy. The event was marked with the signing of an allied message of perceptive.

Don’t forget that Zong has recently also launched new Zong double volume internet bundles exclusively for Zong Internet Only SIMs that are the best to give you 3G/4G LTE network on all smart devices e.g. tablets, smartphones, iPads, WiFis and Wingles etc.

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