Zong Offers Free Mobile Internet for 3 Days

Zong Offers Free Mobile Internet for 3 Days

Zong Offers Free Mobile Internet for 3 Days

The demand of Zong 3G network has too much raised among the users and everybody is so keen to grow mobile internet usage on their smartphones. This is the reason why, Zong also takes care about is subscribers as being the only telecom operator of Pakistan who won 4G+3G license in the next generation spectrum auction. Zong presents a free mobile internet trail for 3 exclusive days to all of its customers.

According to Zong, its customers can now experience the fastest downloads and seamless streaming with zero buffering. So join Zong 4G network today to make the most of Zong free 3G trail for all users for 3 days.

Offer Includes:

Free Basic Internet as Trial – 100MB/day for 3 days absolutely free.

How to Subscribe:

  • Simply send SMS ‘db free’ to 6464 to subscribe to Zong 3 days free mobile internet trial.

How to UN-Subscribe:

  • Simply send SMS ‘unsub db’ to 6464 to UN-subscribe to Zong 3 days free mobile internet trial.

Customers Eligibility Criteria:

Following customers are eligible to avail the free 3G trial service by Zong:

  1. Those Zong Subscribers who have GPRS enabled handsets and haven’t used any internet bundle.
  2. Those Zong Subscribers who have not subscribed to any data bundle in last 30 days.

Offer Details:

  • Zong 3 Days Free mobile internet trial is of Daily Basic internet bundle.
  • On subscription, user can avail 30MB mobile internet per day for consecutive 3 days.
  • Only once in a 90 days period, Zong customer can avail free Zong 4G trial.
  • The package will start charging Rs.10 on daily basis right from the 4th
  • Speed of mobile data will be equivalent to Zong 3G. If customer lives in an area where Zong 3G is not available, then speed will be that of Zong 2G network, as confirmed by a Zong representative.
  • This offer s available in all cities of Pakistan but primarily promoted to cities where Zong 3G is present.

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