Zong Pakistan’s Official Website Gets Hacked

Zong Pakistan's Official Website Gets Hacked

In Pakistan, most of the official websites of leading brands are lacking proper development and at the strong risk of hacking. In this miserable web security development, the official website of Zong Pakistan was hacked and defaced today by a local group of hackers called “Pakistan Haxors Crew”.

On the hacked webpage of Zong website, the hackers defaced it earlier today and left a message and logo by hackers on the webpage. It has been restored now by Zong.

The incident of Zong website hacking has proved that even the leading telecom operators are not taking the security issue of their websites in a serious manner, due to which, their websites are at a major risk of theft and hacking.

With this hacking, hackers acknowledged a message that they did so just to alarm Zong and others to take good care of their website security against hacking before any other country hacking squad come and hack them.

Hackers left following message on Zong’s hacked website:

“WTH Zong!!! Secure it, Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your security”, read a line pasted on defaced page.

“Should you choose to ignore security, it will reincarnate as your worst nightmare”, further said the massage pasted by hackers.

“We just defaced your website to give you a chance to put your hands on it before others come and destroy it”.

Below is the screenshot of defaced and hacked Zong webpage:

Defaced and Hacked Zong Webpage
Defaced and Hacked Zong Webpage

A Zone-h copy of defaced page can be accessed here from the following link:


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