Zong Revises Its Monthly 4GB 3G/4G Package for Prepaid Customers

zong monthly 4g package rates increased

zong monthly 4g package rates increased

Pakistan’s favorite network, Zong, revises the revised upward charges of Zong Monthly 4GB Internet Package from Rs.500 to Rs.600. don’t be disappointed as the story does not end here because this Rs.100 increment in the charges of Zong 4GB monthly 3G/4G bundle will give its subscribers an additional 2GB 3G/4G data as well as free Zong Good Night Offer (GNO) that enables them to use 1GB of internet data right from 1AM to 9AM every night. Is not it amazing?

The new charges of Zong 4GB monthly 3G/4G internet bundle are applicable from 2nd of August, 2016. These charges are all exclusive of 19.5% GST. Following notification is published by Zong for its prepaid 3G/4G users:

zong 4g monthly rates

Zong is now offering additional 2GB of Zong 3G/4G data on monthly basis along with 1GB of free 2G/3G/4G data each night. Are you happy with this change or just feeling hopeless and thinking to switch your network due to limited data usage? Share your comments with SimsPK!

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