Zong SIM Re-Verification SIM Offer

Zong SIM Re-Verification SIM Offer

Zong SIM Re-Verification SIM Offer

Zong brings an exciting offer for all its customers in Pakistan on account of re-verification of SIMs. Since, PTA and Pakistani government has set it mandatory for all telecom operators to sell their individual SIMs after proper Biometric Re-verification system, Zong is bringing exclusive SIM re-verification offer for its users. Zong is welcoming its customers from all over Pakistan to its Customers Service centers, Franchise or retailers to biometrically re-verify all SIMs within 90 days i.e. before April 14, 2015 by offering Zong SIM re-verification offer 2015.

With Zong SIM re-verification offer 2015, verify your SIM by biometric verification system and make calls to unlimited numbers absolutely free of charges. Furthermore, 5000 free SMS and 500 MBs of free mobile internet will also be given. May be, Zong did it so on behalf of fear of losing subscribers base. That is why, Zong free offer on SIM re-verification will compel customers to verify their SIMs to continue with Zong network.

Check below the details of Zong SIM re-verification offer 2015 for all Zong customers in Pakistan.

How to Activate:

  • Visit Zong Customers Service centers, Franchise or retailers along with your Zong SIM and original CNIC.
  • Re-verify your SIM through Biometric Verification System (BVS).
  • Now, simply dial *6622# to subscribe to Zong SIM re-verification offer via BVS.

Free Benefits Offered:

  • Unlimited free calls (from 7pm to 10 pm)
  • 5000 free SMS to all local networks of Pakistan
  • 500 MBs free mobile internet

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