Zong Sixer Plus Hybrid Bundle Offer

Zong Sixer Plus Hybrid Bundle Offer

Zong Sixer Plus Hybrid Bundle Offer

Zong Sixer Plus Hybrid Bundle Offer is a fully packed amazing all-usage bundle that not only brings unlimited calling facility to all Zong prepaid as well as postpaid numbers but also give the ultimate freedom to its subscribers on the highways of other connection aspects by providing free SMS and 2G, 3G or 4G mobile data MBs for internet surfing and social media usage. To get the complete details of Zong Sixer Plus All-In-One Prepaid Bundle, check below:

Customer Eligibility Criteria:

  • This offer can be subscribed by all new, existing and MNP Zong prepaid customers anywhere in Pakistan.

How To Subscribe:

  • For activation, simply dial *666# form your Zong prepaid SIM.

How To Un-Subscribe:

  • For un-subscription, simply send SMS by typing “Unsub” and send to 666111.

Subscription Charges:

  • The subscription charges of Zong Sixer Plus Daily Prepaid Bundle Offer are just Rs.8 + tax.

Free Benefits:

The subscription of this offer brings many free resources to the subscriber including:

  • Unlimited on-net Voice Calls to all Zong numbers anywhere in Pakistan.
  • 500 SMS to all local networks in Pakistan.
  • 1MB of 2G, 3G and 4G Internet data.

Time Window:

  • The subscribers of this offer can make unlimited free calls to any Zong prepaid or postpaid number anywhere in Pakistan all day long for 24 hours except from 6pm to 6am.


  • The validity of this offer is till 12AM of the same day of subscription.
  • The offer is auto-recursive, means customers will get re-subscribed to the offer upon expiry in case of sufficient balance present in the account of the subscriber.

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