Zong Thailand Roaming Offer for Postpaid Customers



Zong brings “Zong Thailand Roaming Promotional Offer” for all Zong postpaid customers. With this amazing offer, those Zong postpaid users who are roaming in Thailand can enjoy discounted rates for making calls, sending SMS and using internet. Thailand is a beautiful country for tourism as well as spending holidays along with being a business hub. Join Zong postpaid network today to stay connected with your loved ones in Pakistan when you are roaming in Thailand. Check below for details:

How to Activate:

  • This service has already been activated on all Zong postpaid connections by-default.
  • Simply activate the IR access level and select the True Move network in Thailand to avail the discounted rates of this offer.

Zong Postpaid Rates On Roaming In Thailand:

Services Charges
Incoming Calls anywhere around the world $ 0.20 / Minute
Outgoing Calls in Thailand $ 0.20 / Minute
Outgoing Calls to Pakistan $ 0.20 / Minute
Outgoing SMS $ 0.20 / Minute
Incoming SMS Free of Cost
Internet usage $ 0.20 / MB

Terms & Conditions:

  • On other Thailand networks, the charges will be as per standard roaming tariff updated on website.
  • As per standard tariff, all outgoing calls made to other countries, satellite and premium numbers will be charged.
  • This offer is available for a limited time period only.
  • On top of these rates mentioned, Government taxes will be charged.
  • Up to 5% to 10%, rates may vary. All rates will be charged up till 60 days of usage.
  • On the basis of prevailing exchange rates, call charges have been calculated and are subjected to change without any prior notice by the company.
  • All tariff mentioned above is in USD but will charged in Pak Rupees when billed. The US $ – Pak Rupee exchange rate applied for each calendar month shall be the open market exchange rate on 23rd day of the preceding month.
  • Zong’s International Roamers in Thailand can contact the International Roaming Helpline of Zong on +923144433322

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